About Us

rock rebel frankenstein t-shirt

Rock Rebel is authentic, original and diverse in our effort to make apparel and accessories for the individual or collector in all of us.

Since 2003, Rock Rebel has been designing accessories and clothing for audiences from Rock n Roll, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Tattoo-cultured and Pin-up’s all the way to comic book collectors, monster fanatics and Horror film lovers. All handbags and wallets are vegan and T-shirts and apparel 100% cotton.

Beginning with belt buckles, John Olander, “The Buckle King” and the originator of the spinner buckle, has branched out using his creative ideas to design jewelry, belt buckles, handbags and kids clothing. Through his licenses with Universal Films, Chaney Entertainment, Bela Lugosi and Lucas Film, RR has been able to incorporate apparel and accessories representing Frankenstein, The Bride, Wolfman, The Creature of the Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, Dracula and many characters in the Star Wars series.